VLOG #12 – Christmas 2016 in 360

I’ve had the Samsung Gear 360 for a few months now and I love playing with it. The pictures are great to capture an entire moment in time – not just what’s in front of the camera but all around it. For video, the resolution isn’t amazing but it’s definitely the best available without buying 6 Go Pro’s and a custom rig.

I thought for my Christmas Vlog I’d film the whole thing in 360 so you can see all parts of each day and not just the tidy bits that the camera would usually show.

Every year my friends and I have a Christmas Jumper night and the Vlog starts there. It’s then goes right through Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day with my friends and family.

For the best experience, watch this in a VR headset – I watched it in a cheapo cardboard one and it was a thousand times better. If you don’t have access to one, it’s still pretty good just swiping or moving your phone on YouTube.

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