The Best Wallet in the World? Thread & Leather Wrap Wallet

What defines the best wallet in the world?

The guys over at Thread & Leather think they’ve cracked it.

I was shopping online for a new wallet the other day and I came across Thread & Leather on Kickstarter. These guys have come up with an awesome, innovative design for their new wallet. I’ve been using what is essentially a card holder for a few years now and I wanted an upgrade – more space but the same footprint.

The innovative design achieves that by placing the cash under the card slot and allowing the wallet to wrap up nice and small.

You can order 2 variations – Complete or Kit. The complete version will cost you $70 and the kit is $35. I wanted to get the kit version so I could have the full experience – and it certainly doesn’t come any more “hand crafted” than stitching the whole thing together yourself.

With complete control over the colour of the leather and the stitching, top quality materials throughout and a company that reduces it’s carbon footprint by using Goat Leather, which is a by-product of meat production, you couldn’t wish to deal with a better company.

If you’re after an awesome slimline wallet, check these guys out!

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