Looking to get into Droning? This is the Best Entry Level Drone You Can Buy!

Looking to get into Drone flying but put off by the huge price tag? Fear not, here’s a look at what is undoubtedly the best drone you can get from a beginners perspective. Anything cheaper is not good enough and the more expensive drone’s may price you out.

The DJI range is the top level in Droning right now and the Mavic Pro is an exceptional bit of kit. However at £1000 it’s a lot of money to see if you really want to use something like this regularly. The DJI Phantom 3 Standard offers 2.7k video quality and I’ve had this almost 2km away from me and 350M up. Some of the footage I’ve captured is stunning and the video below shows a few snippets of that.

Let me know what you think below. Do you already own this or another Drone?

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