Easily extend battery life in your Phone or Tablet – External Battery Pack Review

This is a 100% guaranteed, fool-proof way to extend battery life in your Phone and/or Tablet.

In a world where we’re chained to a wall socket for charging our devices, I simply couldn’t live without portable battery packs. I’ve collected quite a number over the last couple of years. Everything from pocket sized to backpack sized and I use them all.

The video here goes through all of my units and how much juice you’ll be getting from each of them. I’ve also listed a link to each of them below the video. Don’t forget to leave some comments below.

2,000 mAh Credit Card Sized: http://admt.me/1PAPLd5

3,350 mAh Anker Lipstick Sized: http://admt.me/1rvJh97

6,000 mAh RavPower Multi-Purpose: http://admt.me/200olTL

10,400 mAh Wireless: http://admt.me/23jP3ZA

12,000 mAh Anker: http://admt.me/1Y2IhrQ

15,600 CoolReall with LED Torch: http://admt.me/1rvJwB3

20,100 RavPower GOAT with Fast Charge & USB Type-C: http://admt.me/1YzbWra

25,600 Swees Monster: http://admt.me/1Ox9csp

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